Degree & Radian Measure
In this page the following goals will be addressed
  1. How to Convert between Degree and Radians.
  2. How to graph angles in Standard position.
  3. How to Determine the Quadrant of the terminal side of angles in standard position.
  4. How to Find the reference angle of angles graphed in standard position.
What is an Angle?
Definition: An angle is the inclination or turn from one ray (initial) to another ray (terminal) relative to a common point. 
What is a Reference Angle?
Definition:The reference angle is the angular seperation between the terminal side and the nearest x axis. The reference angle ranges from 0 to 90 degrees.
What are Coterminal Angles?
Definition: Coterminal angles are angles that have thesame terminal side. Coterminal angles are determined by adding and subtracting 360 degrees