About the End of Course Exams (EOCs)

Four End of Course Examinations are taking the place of the Nevada High School Proficiency Examinations, starting with the Class of 2017. Students will take the EOCs at the conclusion of the course, regardless of when that course is taken during a student’s high school career. Most students take these courses during their freshman and sophomore years of high school.
This year, End of Course Exams will be given in the spring semester between April 25 and May 20, 2016, for the following subjects:
  • English Language Arts I with a focus
  • on reading comprehension
  • English Language Arts II with a focus
  • on writing
  •  Math I with a focus on Algebra I
  • Math II with a focus on Geometry
  • Integrated Math I
  • Integrated Math II
During this time of transition, the Classes of 2017 and 2018 (current 10th and 11th graders) must take the End of Course Exams, but do not need to achieve a certain score. The Class of 2019 (current 9th graders) must receive a passing score on the EOCs, which will be set by the State Board of Education.

Graduation Requirements

To receive a standard high school diploma, all students must earn a minimum of 22.5 credits, comprised of both elective and core subject classes.


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