⊗ Uber’s Year From Hell Doesn’t Seem to Be Hurting Its Business 
 ⊗ Uber runs afoul of regulators in yet another country, ignores cease and desist order  (Aug            15, 2017)
 ⊗ Uber Investor Sues to Force Former CEOTravis Kalanick off Board  (Aug 11 2017)
 ⊗ Uber will charge $15 to return lost items
 ⊗ Uber warns Denver of fake drivers taking advantage of riders
 ⊗ Uber is overhauling its driver support system to decrease turnover
 ⊗ Masayoshi Son considering massive Uber stake
 ⊗ Lyft will launch self-driving car rides by December 2017
 ⊗ Uber founder Kalanick resigns as C.E.O
 ⊗ Uber adds tipping feature, matching Lyft
 ⊗ Uber, Lyft take down not just cab drivers, but also lenders. 
The list below shows how you can get banned from accessing the Uber App
  1. Commit a crime.
  2. Have a major moving violation.
  3. Speaking negatively about Uber publicly.
  4. Having a Cancellation rate above your areas rate.
  5. Having a low Acceptance rate
  6. Not providing ride to Individuals with service dogs.
  7. Having a rating below 4.6
  8. Having someone drive for you using your profile.
  9. Taking a 30 day vacation. 
  10. Try to arrive at your pickup location around the estimated arrival time.
  11. Endeavor to arrive at your destination at the estimated arrival time also.
  12. Carrying a gun
  13. Making lewd or inappropriate remarks or gestures to riders. 
  14. Physical Contact with riders.
  15. Unwanted contact with riders 
  16. Breaking the Law while Using Uber
  17. Discrimination of any Kind
  18. Fraudulent behavior
  19. Use of Alcohol or Drugs
Manage your Operating Expenses
  1. Treat your driving as a business
  2. Keep Your Car Clean
  3. Do not speak negatively of Uber on social media sites
  1. Do not go online until you are ready to drive.
  2. Try to arrive at your pickup location around the estimated arrival time.
  3. Endeavor to arrive at your destination at the estimated arrival time also.
Learn the following tips to keep you the driver and your riders safe:
  1. Treat your riders as the most valuable individuals in the world during the ride.
  2. Avoid Jerky braking, acceleration, and turns.
  3. Verify your riders identity and destination before you start your trip.
  4. Ensure that your rider has their seat belt on before you start the ride.
  5. Do not exceed posted speed limits.
  6. Use a phone mount for your cell phone.
  7. Make sure your phone is fully connected to your car (Bluetooth, and power) before you start work. 
  8. Do not drive for too many hours.
  9. If you are feeling drowsy or exhausted stop accepting trips immediately. 
  10. Drop off and pick up at safe location in accordance with your states local laws. 
1. Request your ride when you arrive at the pickup location.
2. Verify your destination with the driver.
3. Treat the car with care.
4. If your rider provides excellent service, tip her/him. 
5. Do not make physical contact with the driver or other riders.
6. Avoid making a mess in your  Uber vehicle that you are riding in. 
Q: What is the minimum age to drive for uber?
​A: A minimum of  21 years of age is required for most states. Some cities have a minimum requirement of 23 years old

Q: How much data do I need to run the Uber app in a month?
A: Full time (40 hrs) Uber drivers use about 3 gb of data a month to run the app.